Get Your Home in Selling Shape

Get Your Home in Selling Shape

You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Follow these simple tips to get your home into selling shape. 

1.      Want a quick sale? Then Decorate

By fixing faded woodwork and faded paint jobs you are showing the potential buyer what your home could look like with a little updating.  Never tell when you can show.

2.      Light is Key

Dark rooms don’t showcase the bare bones of your home.  Let the light in by opening curtains and blinds for a daytime showing.  Turn on all the lights for an evening showing.

3.      Create a Spacious Interior

Remove furniture that makes navigating a room difficult.  Organize closets to maximize their storage potential.  Remove unnecessary objects and articles from your attic/basement or utility rooms.  Organization is key to a quick sale

4.      Bedrooms-Keep them Neat

Use attractive bedspreads and organize dressers, closets, and bedside tables, remove furniture that clutters the room.  Use bedspreads and curtains that are neutral in color so that prospective purchases will notice the size, shape, and condition of the room instead of your personal taste.

5.      Simple Repairs

Make sure sticky doors, loose knobs, etc. are repaired before your first showing.  These minor repairs will stick out and can end up taking away from your homes appeal.

6.      Bathroom Repairs

Be sure to make this room extra clean.  Repair any cracks and re-caulk if necessary. 

7.      Keep Pets out of the Way

If possible remove pets from the house for a showing or be sure to keep them under control and out of the way.  A potential buyer could have an allergy or just be uncomfortable with the presence of an animal. 

8.      Be Hospitable

Be sure to treat a potential buyer as you would like to be treated while looking for a new home. 

9.      Don’t Crowd

Don’t have too many people present during a showing.  Not only will this create the appearance of a less than spacious home but it will also cause the potential buyer to feel uncomfortable and it will be harder for them to visualize this home as their own.  Don’t tag along with the buyer as the agent takes them through your home.  If the agent receives a question that they can’t answer they will be sure to come and ask you. 

10.  Don’t Force Conversation

Always be courteous but don’t force conversation with a potential buyer.  They are here to look at your home not pay you a visit.

11.  Don’t Oversell